The Latest On Pay Plan 3

June 2, 2015:  Due to insistent demand and due to the fact that our partner company, One Network e-Commerce, advised us that it may take at least one more week for the systems integration to be fully completed with no errors and well-tested, we are extending the SWA Pay Plan 3 Pre-Launch period indefinitely for one more week. So for all those who wish to catch up to have the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, here’s your opportunity once again! Go go go!

May 21, 2015:  As promised, this new and powerful e-Document is already available for SWA members who upgraded or will upgrade during the Pay Plan 3 Pre-Launch period. Actually, this PDF file can be downloaded by anybody. However, it is password-locked and only the early birds will receive the correct access passwords.

Click here or on the e-Document image below to download the PDF file…


May 16, 2015:  Our Pay Plan 3 partner and e-Commerce platform provider, One Network e-Commerce, inaugurated their new and huge administration and IT office in the City of Dreams area. The event was graced by celebrities, company owners and top management, network marketing leaders, motivational trainers, and many more.

Below is the privilege speech of SWA CEO Francis Chaves during that event.

May 7, 2015:  The Pay Plan 3 pre-launch period is on! Due to consistent request from SWA leaders and members, upgrading is now open even though the integration with the SWA system may take a little more than one week to complete. IT from both companies provided the timetable for the full infusion of all 150,000++ SWA members into the Pay Plan 3 system and admitted that it might take up to 10 days more or less (starting today). This is because potential commissions will already be computed for each entry and displayed in SWA member’s back offices, which will encourage them to upgrade.

However, early bird ‘upgraders’ to SWA Pay Plan 3 have a treat coming for them, as follows:

(1) One Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be raffled off to a lucky early bird. One raffle code per each upgrade.

(2) One Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for the SWA member who has the most number of direct referrals that have upgraded (minimum 20 upgraded directs).

(3) One iPad Mini 32GB for the SWA member who has the second most number of direct referrals. If the top referrer does not reach the minimum 20 upgraded directs, he/she will receive this iPad Mini and the second placer will receive the highly acclaimed SunTouch tablet which SWA has already awarded to hundreds of members before.

Awarding of the gadgets will take place sometime June 2015 (our mid-year rally to be announced), in the same event where the Rookie Phase 1 and 2 awardees shall be awarded as well.

Note:  This promo with the above-mentioned gadgets is ONLY applicable for upgrades during this Pay Plan 3 pre-launch period, which is approximately a little less than 2 weeks. Once all 150,000++ SWA members are into the Pay Plan 3 database, the promo will end. No worries, we shall announce a few days beforehand when the promo period will end.

May 6, 2015:  The growing number of Pinoy celebrities who are tied up with our Pay Plan 3 e-Commerce platform: Marian Rivera, Derek Ramsey, Angel Locsin, Coco MartinIza Calzado, Dennis Trillo, and Anne Curtis. Many more below (click a photo to view a clearer version of the image).

Celebs1             Celebs2


May 5, 2015:  Contract signing between SWA and our e-Commerce partner company (to be revealed and featured soon). This partnership is a win-win-win situation for all, especially to our beloved SWA members worldwide.


April 30, 2015:  The first teaser with details about Pay Plan 3 is revealed. Everybody is excited! (Click the photo to view a clearer version of the image.)


April 20, 2015:  Initial meeting and negotiations between SWA and our e-Commerce partner company (to be revealed and featured soon).